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Alex is a professional wedding host with total experience of more than five years. He managed hundreds of events, of which more than 80 were weddings. Hosting events is not just his hobby but a profession where he constantly improves his own skills.

Alex always leaves templates behind and creates a new story. There are no two weddings that are the same. That’s why any wedding party entertainment should be personalised and unique. First, we gather information about your beloved one, your mutual hobbies & dreams, families, and friends. Using this information, we create your wedding day entertainment.

"The event industry updates & evolves constantly. What was fashionable last year is no longer relevant now. I always stay tuned, study with the leading pros from Europe, and monitor world trends. I already have experience managing weddings in various countries. That’s why I know a lot about the cultural features of wedding ceremonies. All this breaks down stereotypes about wedding celebrations. My strengths are a sense of humour, ability to improvise, tactfulness, as well as fluent English, Russian, and Latvian."

Our first advisory and meeting is a TWO-WAY DISCUSSION and is entirely free. Then you decide whether to continue relying on us or not. An agreement is signed if you are satisfied.